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Circumcision in America

I'm sure many of you are familiar with, an organization working to have sweeping anti-genital mutilation legislation enacted in the US. Their proposed bill would illegalize unnecessary genital mutilation on underaged males and intersex individuals. Also, the legislation would put female genital mutilation rightly in the context of a more expansive understanding of children's rights, prompting Westerners to stop thinking of it as a freaky exoticism that is wholly unrelated to our own cultural practices (introducing the pot to the kettle, in other words.)

Anyway, they're trying their luck at the state legislative level as well as the federal. If you're looking for an easy way to aid the intactivist movement, consider becoming a "temporary state office" for All that is required is that you contact them so that they can draft a version of the bill for your state, and that you submit the copies of the bill to your state legislators on the day that the MGM Bill folks submit the federal version to the US Congress.

I'm serving as state office for Louisiana, but unfortunately there are at this point only a few state offices in total. Consider doing it, it's very easy.

Become a state office.
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